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VE Testing
We now have a VE team here in Clay County. If you are interested in becoming an amateur radio operator we can test you right here in Henrietta, Texas. Page #1 has the current upcoming test date information. For more information on a test site you can go to the ARRL site  
http://www.arrl.org/exam_sessions/search for the test site information for your area. 

.VE        VE CONTACT PERSON....This person will receive inquries and applications from candidates and supplies from the VEC.   
NAME:    Larry Duncan        VE Class      EXTRA Class         CALL SIGN     KA5WLR  
             Candidates should call 940-781-2544 for exam session information.   
CONTACT PERSON or TEAM’s EMAIL ADDRESS:  __ka5wlr@sbcglobal.net   .   (Candidates will use this for exam
             session information).  A
DDRESS:  _1002    N. Archer Street         
Henrietta, Texas      76365-1202  .

             Contact the above VE Contact Person or
Tommy Davis KE5SLM (940-867-6155), Jerry Stevens
(940-761-1417) or Keith Menard  N5WZZ (940-928-2238) to register for a test session.  
                                                                     Clay County Upcoming Sessions
                                                                Not scheduled at this time...
                   New Hams and Upgrades
                         Name               Date          Callsign      License Class    New / Upgrade
                   Denny Peeples    07-07-11      KF5LUH       Technician              New
                   David Bersick      07-07-11      KF5LUI        Technician              New
                   Larry Duncan      10-06-11      KA5WLR       Extra                     Upgrade
                   Robert Fleming   02-09-12      AF5BS          Extra                     New
                   Patrick Walters   04-05-12      KF5PDI         General                 Upgrade  
                   Michael S Brown 08-02-12      KF5RMO       Technician              New
                   Luke H Brock      08-02-12      KF5RMP       Technician              New
                   Ernest Prado       08-02-12      KF5QHN       General                 Upgrade
                   Mike Ratliff         04-04-13      KF5UVC        Technician             New
                   Carl Kirksey        04-04-13      KF5UVD       Technician              New  
                   Carl Kirksey        07-11-13      N5CRK         General                 Upgrade
                   Jerry Stevens      07-11-13      AF5LT          Extra                     Upgrade
                   Johnny L. Arnn     09-05-13      KF5YFT        Technician              New
                   Michael W. Hall    05-01-14      KG5BXW      Technician              New
                   Carl Kirksey         08-07-14      N5CRK         Extra                     Upgrade
                   Mike Sherwood    08-06-15      W5VET         Extra                     Upgrade
                   Johnny Arnn         08-06-15      KF5YFT        Extra                     Upgrade
                   Erica Blackburn    08-06-15      KG5IXF        Technician              New
                   Alton D. Davis Jr. 08-04-16      KG5OYN       Technician              New
                   Lyle E. Horwood   05-04-17      KG5TFY        Technician              New
                   David Coston       08-03-17      KG5UMU       Technician              New
                   Kaleb Littleton     08-03-17      KG5UMT        Technician              New
                   Jacob Wadley      08-03-17      KG5UMS        Technician              New


The Clay County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) is an organization made up of Amateur Radio Operators, licensed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), whose major purpose is to provide county - wide emergency communications.  ARES may provide services where no established links exist or supplement existing systems if they are overloaded or disabled.  Such services may include:

(1)  Communications between the governmental agencies within Clay County, Texas.

(2)  Emergency communications between city and county officials within Clay County, Texas.

(3)  Intercommunications among county, city, private, and public service organizations.

(4)  Public service communications. 

                  (5) Health and welfare communications

CCARC and SKYWARN are part of the National Traffic System (NTS) of the American Radio Relay League (ARRL). The Traffic Net relies heavily on liaison stations to move traffic into and out of Texas as well as convening at the discretion of the ARES Emergency Coordinator to assist in emergency or special events communications. An amateur radio operator does not have to be a member to check into the net with formal traffic but they are required to hold a General class license or higher. All Amateur Radio Stations licensed to operate on this frequency are welcome to check in with traffic.
Training to handle and pass formal traffic is available by contacting Larry Duncan (KA5WLR).

HF Nets 
Send me your HF (High Frequency) net information at  larry@ka5wlr.com . ( Are there any local HF " rag chew" nets ? )

7290 Traffic Net   ( Mon - Sat  10 AM -12 PM   and   Mon - Friday 1 PM to 2 PM )
7290.0   (LSB) info:     

Daytime Texas Traffic Net  (Mon - Sat 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM
7.285.0  (LSB)   info     

TX Traffic Net   ( Daily  6:30 PM - 730 PM )
3.873.0  (LSB)  info:    

LA ARES Net   ( Sunday  7:30 PM )    
3.873.0   (LSB) 

TX ARES Net  ( Monday 7:30 PM ) 
3.873.0  (LSB)

Central Gulf Coast Hurricane net  ( Daily  0100 UTC )
3.935.0   (LSB)

Maritime Mobile Service Net   ( Daily 1600 - 0100 UTC )
14.300.0   (USB)     
Texas Trader’s Net
Sunday: 10:00AM 7245.0     (LSB)
Sunday: 7:30PM 3922.0    (LSB)
Friday: 7:30PM 3870.0    (LSB)

The QCWA (Quarter Century Wireless Association) meets on Saturday mornings at 8:30AM on 3.933.0  ( LSB ). QCWA membership is limited to Amateur Radio operators who have been licensed for 25 or more years.

Silent Key
Mike Brown  KK5ZB
Eddie Grimes  KF5GJK
Olan Patterson  KA5UJQ
Thomas Caldwell KK5GK

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