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The Clay County Amateur Radio Club was founded on February 07, 1977 to support the amateur community in Clay County, Texas. The primary purpose of the CCARC is to provide service to the community, County and State. The CCARC supports the ARES Skywarn and RACES programs. The club callsign is KF5DFD. The CCARC operates six repeaters.

Officers are :
President - Larry Duncan   KA5WLR
Vice President - Keith Menard  N5WZZ
Secretay - Ed Fisher  N5EDF 
Treasurer - David Bersick KF5LUI 

Repeaters :  146.680 (-) , 146.800 (-) , 146.820 (-) , 146.860 (-) , 444.725(+) , 444.850 (+) - All repeaters have a PL tone of 192.8.

Face Book
We now have a Face Book group page. It is Skywarn of Clay County. We discuss the weather and amateur radio topics. We encourage you to post on the page. There is a group chat room where you can chat with other members. You do not have to be an amateur radio operator to join the group. To join the group look for a Skywarn of Clay County post and put you mouse over the post and a drop down box will appear letting you to join. Ask to join and I will add you to the group.

Weekly Net
Clay County Skywarn Practice Net is held on the 146.680 / 146.800 repeaters on Tuesday nights at 8:00 PM. This is a controlled net to train local amateur radio operators in net procedures.

If weather threatens a meeting cancellation we will send out an E-mail, page out, post on Facebook and send a mass text message on that cancellation. If we are in a current weather net and can’t have a meeting you will be given credit for a meeting if checked into that net. If you are a club member you will get credit for attending that meeting. If you are not a club member we will show you as a guest for that meeting. The Secretary will show in the minutes that bad weather caused the cancellation of that months meeting and a net was called. We will provide a list of operators checked into the net and he can list them as meeting old business.  I ask all assistant EC’s help me monitor the weather and if needed cancel a meeting and call a net if I’m not available.

Montague County Amateur Radio Club Net is held on Tuesday night at 7:00PM on the 147.320 / 146.860 repeaters with a tone of 192.8


Wichita County WARS Club net is held on Monday nights on the 147.140 repeater at 8:00 PM

Frequencies           Weather net repeater              Weather net repeater closed

Clay County -  Henrietta  146.680  /  Henrietta  146.800 / Byers  146.820 / Bluegrove  146.860
Henrietta   444.850 / Henrietta  444.725

Montague County -    Bowie 145.390     Bowie MCARC 147.320        Nocona  147.360

Rosston - 147.020 / 443.737.5

Wichita County - 146.940 /147.140 / 147.120

Hazard weather updates.
We put out weather updates on the 146.680 and the 146.800 repeaters when weather will effect our area. The updates are given out at 7:30 AM, at 12:30 PM and any other time weather will effect us. During severe weather tune your Amateur radio or scanner to these frequencies and monitor the weather. We suggest you purchase a weather alert radio and program it for the counties you desire. They are a life saver. If you don't know how to program it, find a weather spotter and we will program it for you.
Storm shelter registration
We have a storm cellar / safe room registration program. We ask that you register your Clay County storm shelter with us so we can locate the shelter in case of a disaster. You can register your storm shelter by going to 
The County now has a link at

Keep Your Eye To The Sky News Letter
We now have a CCARC/Skywarn Newsletter. It is published monthly around the first of the month and is     E-mailed out. 

Formal Traffic Handling

Anybody interested in learning or practicing emergency traffic handling contact Larry Duncan @ 940-871-2544 or Ka5wlr@sbcglobal.net or Larry@ka5wlr.com.





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